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Mediato empowers the public sector to think, act, and analyze multidimensionally.

The public sector plays a crucial role in the world we live in. We believe that the public sector sits at the core of the moving parts that help enhance and grow our society.

As a result, the public sector and it’s enterprises, organizations, and services amass incredible volumes of valuable data. While robust in the amount of information collected, many organizations struggle to make decisions and discover insights from their data since much of this data lives one-dimensionally. Often, the data is not leveraged to challenge the boundaries of their efficiency and outcomes.

Mediato breaks this cycle.

Through our experience in the public and private sector, our team aims to bring efficient, economic, competitive, and actionable solutions to the public sector through our proven success.

We serve as the catalyst to transform the one dimensional world of data through enahnced — or the genesis of — data collection, management, protection, analysis, and publication.

We help your organization answer the questions you receive from leadership, government, and the public.

Mediato delivers a secure data platform to act in concert with and organize the incredible amount of data gathered. The information, like the diverse people in our community, influence one another. Our platform allows for discovery and answering of questions taking analysis of the data beyond just descriptive information. Mediato’s platform empowers the public sector to answer not only “who,” “where,” and “when,” but also the “how.” We then push the boundaries to understand the “why.” This effort is a commitment to better understand and to empower the public sectors to develop strategies that challenge the system to success. 

The data should be multi-dimensional just like the people they represent. Our methodology allows for better representation for the population and therefore, allowing organizations to better serve their community.

With our holistic approach, a completely integrated data environment with robust reporting, can be realized within 18 months. Quick wins realized within the first month.

We have experienced first-hand the struggles that government agencies face with accessing and sharing cross-departmental information. We also have intimate knowledge of the issues facing the population such as opioid addiction and homelessness. Constituents, research organizations, and businesses want to access the public information in a timely, easily accessible and understandable, and cost-efficient manner. Mediato has developed a process and infrastructure to help address these issues by integrating organizational data in a timely, transparent, and cost efficient manner while creating a level of detail to allow for future growth. We partner with our clients to implement strategies, methodologies, and techniques to deliver a data environment with a solid foundation.  

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We look forward to helping you do amazing things with your data. 

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Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can

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Press forward. Do not stop, do not linger in your journey, but strive for the mark set before you.

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