Mercurio Analytics

Organizational data is at the core for every policy, budget, and service provided by agencies. For this reason, data is the most critical digital asset. Mediato’s Mercurio Analytics platform empowers government agencies with the capability to transform the interaction between data, people, processes, & organizations to achieve optimized results and ROI.

Mediato’s Mercurio D4 empowers public sector organizations to optimize their data management processes and platforms. Leveraging accurate, current, and available information, staff/employees can return to solving problems and helping constituents rather than wasting time on data wrangling efforts.

Data-Driven and Evidence-Based decisions

Mercurio puts data at your fingertips in an organized and understandable format. No more waiting weeks or months for an answer. Confidently develop budgets with accurate calculations, evaluate provider performance based on cross-departmental information, and create and update policies based on today’s environment.

Data issues exist in every organization. AI, ML, and RPA require people to create a solid data foundation to be effective. Technology does not resolve all data issues. Mediato technologies’ prescriptive consulting approach differentiates our employees and platform. Our deep understanding of the environment and passion for people and data drives us to help clients achieve spectacular results starting in the first few weeks.

Data Platform

Collect, integrate, and reuse organizational data to optimize service offerings, create policies, and reduce costs based on accurate and transparent information. Hosted, on-premise, and hybrid options.

Community Reporting

Choose from a variety of certified reports & algorithms addressing homelessness, veteran statistics, and provider management. Community reporting provides solutions created for other agencies and available to our community.

Data Enablement

Increase data’s horsepower by governing, managing, and protecting cross-departmental critical data assets. Gain clarity by discovering correlations and insights regarding service recipients, services, and providers with harmonized records.

Mercurio Cloud

Mercurio Public Cloud is a secure and robust resource for external, 3rd-party public data and analytics. Leverage datasets to enhance internal research, develop national average scales, and share findings with a broader community.

Data Security

Secure data where it exists. Mercurio proprietary security algorithms locks data where it lives. Those who are allowed to see the data, those aren’t, never will.

Open Data

Securely share real-time data with constituents, researchers, and other agencies such as Help drive research by publishing public data sets.

Let’s build something together.