The Mediato technologies’ team of experienced, innovative, and passionate professionals leverage technology and experience to solve organizational challenges, deliver strategically-aligned data and analytic solutions, modernize data environments, and educate our clients.

Minky Kernacs

Founder & CEO

Minky is a forward-thinking data management and analytics leader with 20 years of experience in the data management industry. She leads enterprise-wide data transformations and is skilled in delivering mission-critical solutions, building passionate teams, and facilitating change.

As a hands-on leader, practitioner, speaker, and thought leader on a wide array of technology domains including data management, visualizations, and information security, she focuses on transforming data departments into high-performing, quality focused, and cohesive data organizations to optimize business processes, improve operational efficiencies, and transform data into actionable information.  She is a hands-on and motivational leader with experience driving excellence in enterprise architecture, data governance, visualizations, automation,  information security, and sustainable data management strategies.

She leads Mediato technologies’ team who are focused on helping local and State agencies restructure and optimize their data assets to emerge more multi-dimensional & agile.

Minky attended University of Akron’s Global Institute, holds a degree from Kent State University in Management and Information Systems, and is a CMMI certified Enterprise Data Management Associate.

When she’s not working, Minky is volunteering at homeless shelters, scuba diving, or jogging with her 3 dogs.

“We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible.”

Vince Lombardi

Nay Kim

Vice President Data Analytics & Research

Nay is an accomplished Data Scientist & Researcher in the public sector. She was listed as first author at a national conference for a poster presentation that discussed methodologies and experience in successfully merging cross-departmental government data. Her research demonstrated the increased productivity and outcomes, streamlined processes, and savings in public funding. She has contributed to several academic and medical journals such as:

  • International Neuropsychology Society Annual Conference 
  • American Psychology-Law Society Annual Conference
  • Epilepsy & Behavior, and Law and Human Behavior

In addition to her extensive data engineering, clinical research, solutions, and developer experience, Nay continuously looks forward to furthering her education and certifications.  

Nay holds a degree from Drexel University and has continued her education at the University of Pennsylvania and Seton Hall.

Nay is an avid hiker, goes for a run with Matthew (the dog), and enjoys traveling to food destinations.

“I want to discourage you from choosing anything or making any decision simply because it is safe. Thing of value seldom are.”

Toni Morrison

Daniel J. Paolini

Advisory Board Member

Dan is an information architecture thought leader in the areas of data management, information architecture, data integration, system development, technology operations, leadership and planning. He has presented talks and seminars at more than one hundred events in eight countries on three continents, including more than a dozen keynote talks. His leadership philosophy can be summarized as “Do the right things, for the right reasons, even when no one is looking and especially when others are telling you not to.”

Mr. Paolini is the former CIO and CDO of City of Philadelphia DBHIDS. He is responsible for spearheading and implementing the digital and data transformation efforts for the $1.5B organization, one of the most innovative behavioral health organizations in the world.

Previously, Mr. Paolini served as the Director of the Division of Enterprise Data Services within the New Jersey Office of Information Technology, where he established the State’s data architecture, data governance, enterprise data warehousing and self-service business intelligence units. He led significant data initiatives including the Recidivism and Crash Analysis data marts and the award-winning and the NJ Big Data Alliance efforts. Paolini has also served several organizations as chief technology officer and co-founded and led an award-winning data management consulting and training firm.

Mr. Paolini is a member of the Data Management Association (DAMA) and has served on the DAMA International Foundation board. He has co-authored or edited multiple books, served four years as a contributing editor for a monthly database magazine and authored an award-winning programmer’s toolkit. Among his many honors, Mr. Paolini received the 2013 DAMA International Government Achievement Award and the 2002 OMB Government without Boundaries Superior Leadership Award.

In his community, Mr. Paolini has served as an appointed municipal fire chief, as a zoning board member including multiple terms as chairman and as an elected fire commissioner. As a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical services technician, he has been honored numerous times for service and heroism. He has served in leadership positions in volunteer organizations at the local, county, and state levels. He has been married to his wife Patricia since 1989 and has four wonderful children.

 “Do the right things, for the right reasons, even when no one is looking and especially when others are telling you not to.”

Daniel J. Paolini

Let’s do something great together!

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